Thursday, January 4, 2007

Christmas is not over!

My name is Nutmeg. Mom calls me Nutmuttmeganbeggin'. I have no idea why she would call me that. First of all, just because I have a mixed biological dad does not make me a mutt. Of course I do beg........just a little!! Anyways since I live in a zoo with a brother poodle (who by the way is very annoying), a black cat who is a bitch (she should have been a dog) and two humans. One has more hair than me!!! The other is my mom. She is wonderful. She gets up with me in the mornings, lets me out, gives me water, scratches my belly, gives me food, fixes my nose. Yes, I have a severe nose problem. Mom has been trying to make it all better. She took me to that retched place called the "vets" office to get medicine for my severe nose problem. Mom loves me because I overheard her say, "Nutmeg is the gift that keeps on giving". You see I was a Christmas present to my three boys. My three boys all left though. They are now all enthralled with these other zoo animals. Those animals kind of look like my mom in different variations. My first boy left for a she/animal that doesn't like dogs. Imagine that. All she wanted to do when she was here was talk and play with the bitchy Chole cat who should have been a dog. Anywho, after going to the retched "vet" place, mom said after spending over one hundred dollars, I was the gift that keeps on giving. Funny though, she didn't sound so excited over that kind of giving. mmmmmmmmm, human animals in this zoo are hard to figure out.
Itty bitty is my brother. Now he is the wimp of the family. Has to sleep on the bed with mom and dad, likes the heating blanket and hides all his bones all over the house. I, of course find them. I love to watch him go back to a place to find it empty. LOL. I laugh and laugh and laugh. What an idiot that curly, yappy, gay looking brother of mine. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not prejudice against gays, it's just poodles should all be girls. He looks reDICulous when he comes home from the "salon". Take me to a saloon anyday, but not a "salon".
Everyone keeps saying Christmas is over. My mom says it is NOT over till Jan. 6th and I know my mom is ALWAYS right. She tells my dad that all the time. We still have all the beautiful decorations up. I'm happy about that. I am getting tired of Chole, the cat/dog knocking over the three kings under the tree. I know one day she will behead a king and I'll most likely be blamed. Heaven knows spoiled Ittybitty titty boy won't be blamed. OH? You ask? Why the name Ittybitty Titty Boy? Because that is where he likes to lay. Right on my mom's chest. You'd think he was never weaned. Maybe he should have been one of those weenier dogs like my Aunt Mary has. Now that is another story. Those dogs are totally nutso. I'll have to tell you that story later though. I feel a nap coming on. Bye for now........ Nutmeg the Queen of the Zoo who always gets her treats first. And remember Christmas is NOT over till my mom says it is.